The beauty of projection is its versatility; being able to project anywhere and on any surface in any location above ground or even underground, opens a whole new world of creative opportunities.  From making mythical creatures appear from out of nowhere, ghostly figures that are there one minute and gone the next, the endless possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  

Projection mapping […video content projected onto a detailed surface where the surface details and irregularities are used for creative effect as part of the video production]

Projection mapping is an art form in itself turning virtually any surface, whether a building, the inside of a cave or even a person into a projection ‘screen’.  The video content is carefully crafted to shine on every surface of the object and that object can then become anything the author decides, the object becomes a canvas, potentially of huge proportions if the projectors are blended (see below).

Holographic projection […a projected image that appears to be projected on nothing)

The 'Now you see me, Now you don’t' of video projection projecting onto a almost transparent surface which is see through until an image is projected onto it.  We offer solutions for almost every scenario from specialist holographic screen materials to films that can be applied to existing windows.

Warp and blend projection […using multiple projectors to project a large seamless image]

When a large image is required several projectors can be used in unison to cover a large area.  They are overlapped a little, generally about 10%, and the overlapped area is ‘blended’ to seamlessly smooth the images together.  Warping is when the projection surface is curved, commonly used to fill a persons peripheral vision.  If you’ve got a space you’d like to fill with a video playing, give us a call and we’ll come and visit your site, have a chat and propose some costed solutions.

Projecting onto mist / vapour [...pressurised water droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere]

Projecting onto mist creates a unique set of possibilities.  The screen can be there one moment and gone the next as it’s simply water vapour that disperses very quickly.  Almost see through ghostly figures can be created with just a small volume of mist or completely transform an area with a large volume of mist.

Content creation [...the process of creation; making something from nothing]

Whether traditional filming with cameras, lights, sound and a set, perhaps with a cast of actors, or modern digital computer generated imagery, our team will work closely with you to communicate your message using the most effective medium.  We take care of it all supplying actors, script writers, voiceover artists, recording studios, make up artists, everything.

Harsh environment projection [...a setting in which normal functioning is difficult or impossible]

We’ve installed projectors above a river, above a lake, deep underground in caves, near corrosive saltwater and in listed buildings.  We manufacture made to measure protective housings for projectors in our own workshops.  If you think your environment is too difficult give us a ring, our engineers like a challenge!

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