Sound is often something we take for granted but can be more noticeble when it is absent.  We offer a variety of acoustic solutions which can ignite this part of our sensory system and immerse your visitors in a symphany of sounds.  Whether recreating the atmospheric machinery noise of a 19th century cotton mill; the heavy tropical rainfall of the Amazon basin; or having the effect of being submersed in the deep ocean with whales and chattering dolphins, our technology can take your imagination to any place.  Single sound effects like a creaking door, making a marionette speak or making a parrot squark can have very dramatic results too.  Creating ambient music in your gift shop or cafe can offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience while your guests take a break.

Sound Effects [...localised, incidental sound specific to a particular object]

Make a parrot squark “who’s a pretty boy then” when someone walks past, make a door creak or blast off a rocket.  Use multiple sound effects all together to roll a thunderstorm from one side of a room to over-head then going off into the distance, complete the experience, with lightning effects.

Soundscapes [...a sound or combination of sounds that form or arise from an immersive environment]

Immerse your audience deep in the Amazon rainforest jungle or recreate the intense machinery noise of a 19th century cotton mill, transport your guests to the seaside or submerse them in the deep ocean with whales and chattering dolphins.  Wherever your attraction is set, we will bring it to life through a combination of accent speakers, multiple sound tracks and real surround sound.

Video playback sound [...pre-recorded sound, often accompanied with picture]

It probably goes without saying but most video content has sound, yes, who knew!  We provide discreet; loud; hidden; ultra directional effect speakers; weatherproof; waterproof; large; small; black; white, in fact any colour of the rainbow paintable, speakers.

Background music systems […subtle or gentle music, generally for light entertainment]

Generally used in public areas such as reception areas or cafe’s, we provide background music and tannoy systems that can link inside and out and be one large system or split into zones for announcements to separate areas.

Tour guide systems [...a wireless and portable radio system used to transmit an audio message]

Allow your guests to walk round at their own pace with a personal audio receiver, listening to information in their own language.  Audio playback can be activated by the guest scanning a QR style code or triggered by passing a sensor.

Outdoor sound [...environmental accoustics]

We provide specialist weatherproof and waterproof speakers for outdoor settings, whether for soundscapes or sound effects or simply for playing background music in the outdoor seating area of your cafe.

Harsh environment speakers [...a setting in which normal functioning is difficult or impossible]

Some environments, such as salty marine or damp and humid underground caves require specialist equipment to cope with these more extreme areas.

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