Lighting can be an effective way to produce dramatic effects, from flooding an area with multi coloured LED  lights that can simulate a beautiful sunset with vibrant reds and orange with deep pinks and purples, to focused beams of light exentuating specific focal points.  Moving lights that draw the eye from one object to another can lead your guest through an area and facilitate the journey your story is telling especially if the beam of light contains a directional shape.  By using UV lighting writing can seemingly appear and disappear on walls to give your guests a hidden message.  

Moving lights […a light whose beam is motorised and can pan and or tilt]

Moving-head lamps known as ‘movers’ in the trade allow the beam of a light to be moved from one position to another drawing the eye around a room, or if the lamp is switched off whilst moving, offering an economical way of lighting up several items from one lamp.

Colour changeable lighting […a light whose beam can be changed to virtually any colour]

Modern LED lighting allows a single lamp to be programmed to become virtually any colour.  Turn day into night with a beautiful sunset of vibrant reds and orange with deep pinks and purples.  Compliment a video transforming the mood of a room by changing from calming greens and pale blues to various shades of red.  Fade lights in and out to reveal the intricate facets and depth of a cave system.

Ultra Violet (UV) light [...light that is beyond the visible spectrum]

Reveal hidden messages painted on a wall or make all those wearing colours such as you’d find in a high-lighter pen set glow luminous.  UV lights set certain colours off glowing intensely whilst other colours seem to disappear.  Used for effect, to disorient a person slightly or simply to cause a laugh, UV lamps offer a great low cost effect.

Waterproof lighting [...impervious to water]

Whether submersed underwater in a river, lighting up a damp and drippy cave or outside exposed to the great British weather, we provide external grade lamps that can be controlled by our show controllers (see Control System below).

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