One of the smaller projects Piranha Creative have provided for Dangerpoint Safety Centre adding sound effects to an existing set to create a more authentic experience to aide the education process.

The Starting Point

As part of the safety centre alliance, Danger point is one of 16 experiential safety and lifestyle skills educational centres across the UK. So far the centre has welcomed and educated 70,000 visitors, many of whom are local Welsh school-children. 

The centre at Dangerpoint is made up of various 'zones' in which visitors learn about safety issues relevant to a specific setting. Outside the centre is the road safety zone, an area where guests are taught about possible road hazards and can learn how to cross the road safely. This zone featured static models of a car and a child riding a bike, and a set of functioning traffic lights.

Following our site visit, one of the suggestions in our proposal was to add a sound effect to this zone in order to bring it to life and make the lesson more memorable for visitors.

Our Creative Solution

Our team used an audio visual media controller to play a screeching tyre sound effect through speakers mounted inside the car's bonnet. This sound is programmed to trigger when the traffic light controller displays the green man, giving the illusion that the car is screeching to a halt. Whilst those visiting the centre are likely to know to wait for the green man to cross the road, they may forget to be vigilant in checking vehicles on the road are stopping for them. The volume of the sound effect creates a shock factor, making guests jump and look to the source of the sound, ensuring this lesson is not quickly forgotten.

Our team programmed a number of different sound effects into the system in order to ensure the experience retained its novelty for visitors to Danger Point.

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