Piranha Creative partnered with The Rum Story over an 18 month upgrade program to modernise the existing experience preserving the original story but adding elements that really brought the story to life.


The Rum Story is an attraction in Whitehaven, Cumbria which tells the rich history of rum production with roots in the slave trade in the 1800s and ending up in 1950s America.  The experience is set within the original Jefferson Rum warehouse buildings dating back to 1785.  Spread over three floors the self guided experience takes you from the jungles of Antigua to the cellars of Whitehaven with slavery, pirates, the Navy, smuggling and more along the way.


The attraction was installed in 2000/2001 and is themed very nicely however it lacked interactivity.  There is lots of information on display boards and those with time on their hands can learn a lot about the trade however, there was little to engage children/teenagers and families generally, those commonly referred to as Millennials and Generation Z.


Piranha Creative partnered with The Rum Story over an 18 month upgrade program to modernise the experience preserving the experience of those guest who enjoy taking longer to read the information panels.  We have conducted a review of the whole visitor experience from first contact on their website to arrival at the attraction and the tour itself concluding with the shop and cafe offering and also included signage in car parks and across the town.


This review identified a number of areas of potential improvement to both increase footfall to the attraction and guest experiences once they have arrived.  Some of these improvements are being managed by The Rum Story and others by ourselves.  Our role is twofold.  To sit on their committee to advise of improvements generally but our principle involvement is to upgrade the experience itself.


The initial improvements saw the addition of sound and lighting effects along with some video production and sound tracks to various areas of the attraction and now guests are shown and told parts of the story rather than having to read, read, read!


Phase two will see a complete review of the attraction adding elements to each area to ensure Millennials and GenZ will enjoy their tour.  This will see many more interactive features including sound, video, lighting and smell effects to bring the story to life and turn the attraction into an exciting experience.  One important consideration in all the work is ensuring those wanting to read in more depth can still do so, so our upgrades will compliment rather than replace the existing tour.


Many people think the younger generations simply want something technology or App based however our experiences show there can be greater enjoyment of an attraction by putting ones phone away and engaging all the senses immersing guests in an experience and this is our aim with The Rum Story.  Its has a brilliant story to tell and our partnership will see this story told to another generation of paying guests for many years to come.

@ 2018 Designed and created by Piranha Creative