Piranha Creative have been working closely with the team at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service since 2008 on a number of projects over the years, large and small. This simulator helps to educate children in using the 999 emergency service.

The Starting Point

In 2016 the service built a new education centre that teaches children about home safety, road safety, rail safety and the like.  The education centre called Safety Central is part of a national network of safety centres teaching predominantly children how to keep safe in their day to day lives.  See our other work at DangerPoint.


This project is one of the smallest jobs we have completed for the service but worthy of mention as it’s a really simple but effective way of communicating the message on a very modest budget.


The guests are lead through a house by guides referred to as ‘rangers’ where they have to spot hazards in various rooms with one being in the bedroom where a laptop charger in poor condition is left on flammable bedding which right on cue catches fire.  The guests are then quickly escorted out of the house to the outside where they are then told they need to ring the fire service, something few children know how to do.

Our Creative Solution

Piranha Creative provided a touch screen solution to guide the children through the process.  We provided a 32inch touch screen and mounted it vertically in portrait mode.  We also provided a bezel surround for the screen to make it look like a huge phone making the whole TV look like a giant smartphone.  We designed graphics on screen so it looks like they are dialling 999 by pressing the 9 button three times then connect just as you would on your phone.  The phone then ‘connects’ with the emergency services call centre operative who asks you what service you’d like.  The children have to answer Fire and then the call is transferred to the fire service call centre and the call continues as the operator asks the questions they would in real life, are you safe, what’s the address etc?


We provided a video version of the call to make it a little more child friendly so they saw the operator on screen but the message and questions are true to life.  The fire service filmed actual operators to keep the costs down then we collated the footage on the media server which drives the screen.  All in all the project was delivered in partnership with the service without requiring a lot of investment.


The message taught to the children is of course invaluable.

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