Medieval Kiln


Piranha Creative provided the technology behind this project, providing the interpretation of this medieval kiln discovered in the foundations of a community centre during building work in Newport, Pembrokeshire in South Wales.

The Starting Point

The kiln is the only known example in the UK and is of global interest.  Following its preservation and opening as a tourist attraction in 2018 visitors have come from as far away as Australia.


The kiln is set within a small room with a large viewing window.  Guests view the kiln from outside the building looking through the window.  ZED Creative provided all the interpretation panels across the site along with an animation showing how the kiln looked originally, how it was used and the local and national reach of the pottery fired within it.

The attraction doesn’t have full time staff so it was important the projected interpretation was robust and easy to operate. 

Our Creative Solution

Piranha Creative and Zed Creative have a partnership dating back many years and have worked together on a number of projects.  We provided the projection system, sound system and lighting effects to the kiln room along with a show controller to synchronise all the elements together.

We used the latest full High Definition 5500 lumens brightness Laser projector to project the images on the screen.  Laser projection is a recent development with a number of significant advantages with the principle one being they are virtually maintenance free as there is no bulb to blow every 2000 hours or filters to clean every 200 hours or so.  A media server played either a Welsh or English video according to the selection made on the external button panel.  We created a bespoke screen to fit the space exactly using a modular tubing system and stretched front projection screen material suspending the finished screen on thin wires making it appear like its floating in the space.  Lighting inside the kiln itself provided a red flickering effect which was synchronised with the animation being projected and general room lighting was also provided which faded in and out at the start and end of the sequence.  A compact sound system with waterproof external speakers supplier the sound track and a Weigl show controller was programmed by our team to ensure everything played and stopped at the correct time.  The whole sequence was activated by an external PIR (Passive Infra-Red detector) switching on the projector and fading the lights ready for guests to select either the Welsh or English version.

@ 2018 Designed and created by Piranha Creative